ARRESTED: Attempted Homicide charged in Domestic Violence case


On 23 January 2012 at 0457 hours, Sands Security Officers responded to a probable domestic disturbance call at room 1016 in the Sands Hotel. The Security Officer heard a female in distress in the room and attempted to make contact with the occupants. A male answered the door and indicated everything was OK and slammed the door in the officer’s face. A customer in a nearby room, room 1018, reported hearing yelling and a male threatening to kill a female.

City of Bethlehem Police Officers arrived and entry was made into the room.  Officers found an injured and unconscious female in the shower with water running on her.  The male, identified as NICHOLAS MULLINS, age 27, 607 B West Walnut Street, Lock Haven, Pa.17745, stated that the female assaulted him because he lost money at the casino. The female was taken to St. Lukes Hospital Trauma for injures on her body. She was unable to be interviewed at this time and admitted to St. Lukes Hospital.  MULLINS was originally arrested for Domestic Violence Simple Assault, arraigned and released.

On 24 January, Bethlehem Detectives spoke with the victim at St. Lukes Hospital. The victim indicated that NICHOLAS MULLINS, her boyfriend, repeatedly assaulted her and forcibly placed a pillow over her face to silence her. The victim suffered traumatic injures to her head and brain, along with injuries to her body.  Based on the victim’s statements and the extent of her injuries, MULLINS was charged with more serious offenses.

In the late evening of 25 January, with assistance from Pottsville Police, NICHOLAS MULLINS was arrested in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  MULLINS was transported by Bethlehem Detectives back to Bethlehem and arraigned before Northampton County on duty Judge Roy Manwaring III on criminal charges of:

  • Attempted Homicide
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Terroristic Threats
Judge Manwaring placed bail at $150,000.00 and MULLINS was committed to Northampton County Prison. 

Refer to complaint and affidavit on file at Judge Patricia Romig’s Office for more details.

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