Bethlehem Crime Mapping available to the public

Real Crime Mapping is available to anyone in Bethlehem
          In order to further enhance our community oriented policing efforts, the City of Bethlehem Police Department has partnered with The Omega Group in San Diego, CA to provide the service of Crime Mapping to all citizens.  Data transparency and a well informed public have always been essential elements in Bethlehem’s fight against crime. 
          This powerful tool enables anyone with internet access to get real, up to date crime statistics.  Citizens are also able to sign up and receive Crime Alerts to let them know when a crime occurs within a predefined distance of an address.  For example, you may enter your home or business address, then select a distance (from 500 feet to 2 miles), and then select from any or all of a list of 15 different types of crimes.  When any of the selected crimes occurs within the defined distance of the address you selected, you will receive an e-mail with a detailed report telling you exactly what crimes occurred and where they happened.
          This solution represents a new hybrid in mapping technology which utilizes both Google Maps and ESRI’s advanced geographic engine.  These two key ingredients are combined to serve the public accurate and timely data in the form of maps and reports.  Crime data is extracted on a regular basis from the department’s records system so the the information being viewed through a Web browser is always up to date.
          Users have numerous options such as showing clusters of crime activity, analyzing patterns within a specific radius of any location, determining the distance to any crime from their address, using a terrain view which outline topography and producing detailed reports.  By encouraging more self reliance within the community and further improving overall communications, will benefit Bethlehem and its citizens.
          Bethlehem’s Crime Mapping can be accessed from the police department’s homepage, or a free app for the iPhone can be downloaded here, so you can take with you wherever you go.

2 thoughts on “Bethlehem Crime Mapping available to the public

  1. Currently, the only mobile app available from the Omega Group is for the iPhone. We did not create the app, or specify the platform. This mobile app is a service that was offered through our Crime Mapping software. Perhaps in the future they will expand their mobile app to include the Android platform. Thank you for your feedback.

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